Instructions: A copy of this document will accompany all Purchase Orders for Suppliers or Vendors or product or service which may impact the environment or health and safety of ourselves, the local environment, and where applicable the supplier or vendor representative.

Terms and Conditions

    1. Suppliers of product or services involving hazardous chemicals or substances are required to maintain appropriate certifications, licenses, permits, insurance coverage, and related documents in compliance with their local, state, or governmental regulations. When requested, evidence of compliance will be communicated to DSG Compliance Manager.
    2. Where an active supplier loses any required permits, certifications, or is subject to lawful action for violating local, state, or federal regulations related to environmental laws, or health and safety laws, this shall be communicated to the Compliance Manager within 24 hours, or prior to any additional work being performed at our facility, or on our behalf.
    3. Representatives of the supplier are required to review all Device Service Group (DSG) safety and environmental rules prior to performing work onsite, including when handling hazardous chemicals or materials. Where DSG safety and environmental rules conflict with those of the suppliers’ business, a representative of the business will contact DSG Compliance Manager so appropriate adjustments may be made. Under no circumstances will activity occur that may impact the environment, health, and safety of the local area or personnel regardless of the controlling requirements.
    4. Supplier’s representatives performing work at our facility are required to properly dispose of trash and waste generated by their activity in a manner consistent with DSG policy and regulatory requirements.
    5. Supplier’s representatives will be provided copies of safety rules and the environmental aspects list and are required to perform all work in compliance with these documents.
    6. Supplier’s representatives will be provided copies of any emergency response plans where appropriate and are required to comply with these should it become necessary.
    7. Where supplier’s representatives are subject to certain qualifications, licenses, individual permits, etc., copies of these will be provided to the Compliance Manager prior to any work being performed.


Upon agreement of the purchase order, I acknowledge receipt, review, and understanding of the above identified Terms and Conditions as well as having received copies, or provided access to relevant environmental, health, and safety documents necessary for the task I am to perform.